Friday, February 22, 2013

Simple Truth Products

I've recently tried some of the "Simple Truth" products that are now available through my local Kroger grocery store.  I've been very pleased with the quality and variety of offerings.

The big favorite so far has been the Simple Truth Chocolate Almond Milk.  It was creamy and indulgent.  I usually drink the Silk brand Chocolate Soy Milk, but I really did enjoy the Almond Milk.  Another snack I enjoyed was the Vegetable Chips; made from various root vegetables.  They were fresh, crispy, and are even visually appealing.  I also picked up some frozen raspberries that I haven't tried yet ... but I see a fruit smoothie in the near future.

I participated as a BzzAgent and received free products as part of the campaign. I am sharing my own honest opinion.

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